Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#annaisgrateful- Week Five

I am getting more grateful everyday with my 2014 challenge to find something to give gratitude for each day. See more here

I helped with a women's event at my church on Saturday morning. I am so grateful for brunch (my favorite!) and women who give and share in my church! It was fun and I was able to put faces with names!

I really am grateful for Pinterest. It has given me some pretty amazing recipes like this one I'll be sharing soon! It was deemed restaurant worthy on first bite.

After spending a TON of money at the dentist last year, I am grateful for a wonderful visit this past week. She was brave and luckily had no cavities and very little plaque. A good report for Mommy and Daddy who celebrated with milkshakes!

I am grateful for friends who can come over to my dirty house and share a roast in the crockpot with us for dinner. We had a fun impromptu dinner party that was planned all of 42 minutes before it happened.

After some really cold days, I am grateful school was back in session on Monday!

I love haircut days! They are a fun chance to be pampered and chat with my super cool hairdresser! Growing my hair out has led to a lot less haircuts, but Friday I got one! And, I am grateful I took 2" off the back so my hair isn't oddly sitting on my neck anymore!

With a cold weather day last week, I was grateful to have all the supplies on hand for Abby to make her class Valentines. She loves making art and it took her HOURS to write each kids name, her name and draw them a picture!