Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grateful- Week Twelve

Being more grateful is my word for 2014 and keeping track of photos each day is really helping me turn my eye from wanting to appreciating! 

I am grateful for TOMS. I love that in a simple (and I'll admit sometimes selfish) purchase I can also provide shoes to kids elsewhere. Can you imagine your child being barefoot all the time? I love wearing them and remembering kids who go without. I also love that I can tell Abby about how blessed she is and pray about others. I love that they are having success as a company that gives back in a major way.

Both Thursday and Friday I was grateful to have time to enjoy the NCAA tourney. I don't watch any basketball expect March Madness. I loved having the games on all day Thursday and enjoyed a long lunch date with my husband on Friday.

Saturday we drove about 45 minutes out to a BBQ place I'd heard a lot about and never tried. It was so good- you could cut the brisket with this cheap plastic fork! I am grateful to live in Texas and enjoy good BBQ!

Sunday morning walking to my class, I looked in a kids area and saw this. Our church kids program is really amazing. I can't wait for Abby's mind to experience it in 1st grade. I am so very grateful to have a church that takes lessons like out in the wilderness to this level! 

Last November, I had all of my highlights covered up. I went all natural for the first time since high school. I discovered a few things- all dark brown is boring, it washes my pale skin out, and I have more gray coming in than I had ever imagined. So, last night, I was really grateful to have some low maintenance highlights put back in. My hair was red and blonde striped for years and that requires upkeep. So, I went with smaller "stripes" and a lighter brown. I am hopeful I can highlight less often and still enjoy pretty hair! 

If you see me in real life, you will likely see a Venti Starbucks Iced Black Tea in my hand. I drink tea all day long. It is my drink of choice and I have spent way too much money on it in the past. So, I made it a goal to find an at home alternative to $2.50/day. I think this is it! Two tea bags in my pretty hobnail pitcher, 3/4 full of water. Wait five minutes, remove tea bags and enjoy! I've even bought some lemon and home to have with it. I'm grateful to enjoy yummy tea and save money!

See you next week!