Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grateful- Week Thirteen

I am going on vacation next month and look for good spritual books. I'm really excited to read this one sitting on the beach marveling at the God who made the oceans and made me!

We had what I bet is one last cold day last week which was exciting! I wore one of my favorite puffy vests and then said goodbye to sweaters and the such for a few months. This time of year is always hard- I have big arms and until they get some sunlight, I hate short sleeves! Soon enough I'll be complaining about the heat!

Abby had been growing out her hair for months and we finally can do low piggies! I'm so grateful to have more options with her hair. She has the best blond highlights (naturally of course) and her hair is a little thicker than mine and perfectly straight. I'm thinking she hit the hair jackpot!

I am grateful for God's word and my ability to start leaning on it. I have a friend that is finding great comfort in Psalm 147:3 right now and through her, I've learned a new verse and will have it in my heart forever. I feel certain I will be brokenhearted many times in my life and can lean on this verse.

Saturday was my birthday and I'm grateful I got to spend it with my family and my Dad and step Mom. We explored a fun part of South Austin and had ice cream at Lick, my very favorite shop! It was a fun day!

On Monday, I went to nearby Salado with two women from my church to the site of our retreat coming up in a few weeks. We were exploring the grounds and came upon this chapel in the woods. It was every bit as amazing as you would imagine. If I decide to renew my vows in a few years, it will happen right here in this chapel.

Finally, on Tuesday morning something really exciting happened.... WE FOUND SULTAN! Abby has lots of palace pets and we've wanted Sultan since December! Today he was just sitting there on the Toys R Us shelf. Hallelujah!

There is so much to be grateful for- you just have to look around!