Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What's for Dinner #6

Here are four dinners we are having this week:

Chicken Parm Sliders- these are super easy with rotisserie chicken, jar marinara and sliced cheese. We have them with tater tots and strawberries sweetened with a little sugar and whipped cream.

Euna Mae's Chicken Noodle soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

We love this soup and it's perfect for a cold wet day! I make a half portion since it makes so much or make it all and have yummy leftovers. It is super easy to make and this time around I'm using the other half of the rotisserie chicken for the sliders above.

My favorite food in all the world is a grilled cheese. I order it out and make it at home often. I had a yummy one at my friend Kristin's house and I make mine at home just like she did now. Use sourdough bread, mozzarella cheese and put a little Lawry's Seasoned Salt in the melted butter as your spread it on for grilling. It's so good!

Steak Burrito Bowls
Chips and Guacamole

I had these with my other Kristen friend and they were easy to make and everyone was happy building their own bowl. Here is what I include:

Steak Fajita Meat or Grilled Chicken (I bought pre-seasoned steak fajita meat this time)
Chipotle Copycat Cilantro Lime Rice
Beans- canned black or pinto rinsed really well
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Guacamole- I mash up avocados and add the store made pico de gallo, garlic salt and lime juice

Cheesy Baked Meatballs
Pasta Side Dish, like Pasta-Roni
Fresh Green Beans

These meatballs are really easy and really good! We make them and freeze them individually on a cookie sheet and once frozen, throw them in a baggie for future meals. When you go to make them the second time, you can thaw them and follow the directions to pour sauce and cheese on them. It makes 16 meatballs and 8 is enough for us. My daughter LOVES these meatballs!

NOTE: Both of these photos aren't mine and come from the same source as the recipe.