Tuesday, February 27, 2018

What's for Dinner Essentials

This week is a little wonky- my husband has a couple of late night meetings and combined with school activities I am not really cooking. We love hot pockets, Auntie Annie's Pretzel Dogs, and popcorn shrimp on weeks like this!

Instead, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite kitchen supplies with you! Everything is linked, but I'm in no way paid or supported if you purchase.

Herb Scissors
These are like 5 scissors in one. So after you wash your herbs, you can just cut away and it keeps the pieces really small. I hated using fresh herbs until I got these.

This thing is the best- it cuts it open, takes the pit out and then slices it. Perfect for getting all of the meat of the fruit out! I use it to make guacamole whenever we have Mexican food.

Eighth Jelly Roll Pan
These pans are perfect for heating up a handful of small things. I would say they are half of a cookie sheet, maybe a little smaller. They are great for 4 slices of garlic bread, two hot pockets, a handful of sausage balls. They are by far the most used pans in our kitchen! We have four of them and one is always in the sink!

8x8 Square Pyrex
Because we are a family of three, I take most recipes and cut them in half. So what would normally go in a 13x9, I make in two 8x8 dishes. So, we cook one and freeze the other. These are perfect for casseroles to bake or freeze.

Now these next few are pricier, but I swear by them! I've received them as Christmas gifts (from my own wish list) or bought them with bonus checks from work. They are all used often!

I love to bake and I use this for baking always; however, more often than cookie dough, this thing is filled with boiled chicken breasts to shred! The paddle attachment shreds chicken in under a minute. I love it for that reason alone!

Le Creuset Braiser
I added this to my kitchen a few years ago at an outlet mall sale. The cashier told me it was her most used Le Creuset pan in her kitchen. I can see why! It is a giant skillet- it is perfect for the one pan meals where you brown meat, drain it and then add a bunch of stuff in. It can do 4 pounds of taco meat- huge! It can go right from the stove top to the oven and the lid is perfect for keeping everything warm if your side dish timing is off. I love this pan!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven
The other Le Creuset that I own and love is my dutch oven. We cook all soups, stews and roasts in here. I went bigger than I thought I needed and don't regret it! I first bought the inexpensive HEB version of this to see how often I'd use it. The HEB version was great if you want to spend less. I found that the Le Cresuet version held a much tighter seal with the lid on which helped with moisture. If you can find a good deal on a Staub, they are almost the same! I own a smaller Staub version. It is black on the inside instead of cream, but I can't tell you another difference in the brands.

See you next week with some yummy meals!