Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sale Stalking Pays Off Again!

I sure am talking about shoes a lot lately!

Remember these shoes I just loved, but wouldn't pay full price for? I've been sale stalking them for a few months. They went on sale for $99.99 from $129 this week, but I still couldn't do it. I love Bernardo shoes and know they'll last forever, but that is still too much for me.

This morning (payday!), I got a 20% off coupon for Piperlime and free shipping notice! Score! My new shoes were less than $80. I know it still seems like a lot, but from $129 for a high quality shoe they are now 40% off.

I find that having a number in my head and waiting for the item to be less than that makes sale stalking a fun game. I needed them to be less than $80 and they got there! Remember, check out Retail Me Not for online coupon codes before you buy anything online. I save more money with that one site. Well worth the few minutes to look for a savings code.