Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kids Clothing

I received a random catalog in the mail this week from CWD Kids. I have never heard of them. I assume they bought my name from another catalog I ordered from... isn't that how our mailboxes get full of catalogs begging for our money?
At any rate, I really like this one! It has super cute kids clothing in simple styles that I like. The prices aren't great, so I won't order often, but I'll be watching for sales.
This dog shirt cracks me up! He is funny!
Rock on- I love their pajamas. I always like to have one pair of super cute pajamas for those late night occasions where we switch my 20 month old into her pajamas before we drive home. These are precious and on sale!

Some of their jammies come with matching eye masks. ha!
I love love this pink ruffle coat! I may have to sale stalk it for next winter. It comes in brown too and has a matching hat!
They have a great selection of super cute swimsuits on clearance like this precious giraffe set!
I love all of the colors in this one- brown leggings for fall and if it still fits, lime green for early Spring! Really cute pumpkins to wear in October or for Halloween Day
Thanksgiving Day outfits for your son or daughterWhat a cute website- happy shopping!