Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decor: Mantle

While my daughter was napping, I busted out the tubs of fall decor. My husband called it "second Christmas" which was a subtle sign that I better not buy more this year. So, I decided to try and use things differently that I have in the past which will feel fresh and new to me.

Here is my 2010 mantle- new and improved! I included my Ragamuffin Garland on the mantle rather than a traditional leaf/berry garland and I love it. It is a little softer and allows more room for stuff!Here is the mantle from last year- I used a couple of key elements again, but changed many of the items. The turquoise star now resides on the front porch and of course the picture of my little girl has been changed out!
Here is a close up of the left side- I pulled out frame I already own and just put new fall prints inside them. The picture on the right is Spring colors, so I just made it Sepia to match better. The middle picture is from Thanksgiving last year in her pumpkin pie "thankful" dress. I am hoping that will fit as a shirt this year. I've heard that works with A line dresses!

The right side includes nothing new- all of these items I owned. Many are from Hobbly Lobby or Michaels. The Harvest sign has a metal wire to hang it from the wall but I just bent it down into the berry arrangement. Easy! The cornucopia is stuffed with brown tissue so that I only put fall items you can see inside of it.

On the hearth, I added my largest orange and grapevine pumpkins. I would like to add a few more white ones here. Maybe I'll buy real ones at the grocery store so we don't have to store them until next year! ;)
How does your mantle look for Thanksgiving? Leave me a comment with your link so that I can see them all and get ideas for next year! Happy Fall Ya'll!