Monday, October 26, 2009

For the Love of Applique

Having a baby girl opened up a whole new world of fun things to me- printed tights, hair bows of many layers both big and really big, the 27 shades of pink I had previously never worn, monogramming, and applique. Oh how I love applique!
This is my daughter's Easter dress. My favorite dress maker I found on eBay, lets you customize everything- I was sent an email with lots of Easter options- an egg, a rabbit or a number of flowers. After selecting the daisy, I selected the gingham color, the monogram, the color thread and the font. You can't personalize this dress much more!I looked all over Ebay and Etsy for a Thanksgiving dress and couldn't find what I wanted. There are lots of pumpkin and turkey dresses, but I wanted pie! Isn't pie the best part of Thanksgiving anyway? Look at this marvelous creation my dress lady made!Again, I customized each piece- we went with orange pumpkin pie, brown gingham and "Thankful" instead of my daughter's name so I could pass this precious dress onto another child. I honestly could not love it more. And, get this, I don't have the dress yet. I was emailed the pictures before it went into the mail. And, she made it and mailed it within 2 days of me buying it. Oh, and one more thing, less than $30. I know- amazing!
If you want her information, leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it to you.
I don't want to post it here without her permission!