Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham Baby Shower: Decor and Food

We had a great baby shower this weekend for my cousin. The green eggs and ham theme is super easy to pull off and makes a great shower theme, especially for a surprise baby.

Let's talk decor... on the right side of this picture you can see green eggs and the side view of ham. We made those super easy with felt, pillow batting and pink puff balls for the eye of the ham. They were super easy, very inexpensive and fun!
We ran with the bright orange and lime green color scheme to make the theme happen. I own this chunky orange frame and put the words to part of the Dr. Seuss classic inside the frame in green.
More of the book in my similar green frame. If I had thought of this earlier, I would have used the graphics from the invite to make these more fun. It costs next to nothing to change out the contents of your picture frames for an event- use appropriate quotes, scripture, children's book lyrics, pictures of the guest of honor, or even free graphics from the internet.
We also hung a simple name banner on the mantle. I used a sheet of foam stickers from Hobby Lobby for the letters. It gave it some dimension and was already a big sticker on the back. I used a 1/2 punch to make 2 holes at the top of each to string the ribbon through. Very easy to do.
We tried to make all of the brunch food match the theme. We served orange juice and cherry limeades to the guests.
Here are the cold items including pistachio cupcakes, iced sugar cookies, chips and guacamole and fresh fruit.
I think I have found a guacamole recipe I like- I use fresh avocados, add in enough pico de gallo to give it flavor, a little sea salt and some garlic powder. The pico de gallo (I buy in the produce section of HEB for locals) includes the tomatoes, onions, and jalapeƱos. At the end, I squeeze in some lime juice for freshness.
We also served warm bunco buns, mini quiches, and my favorite Cinnamon French Toast bake.
My co-hostess Natalie had the cute idea of putting whole oranges inside her large glass jars. It was a great and inexpensive addition.
The other tall jar was layered with tangerine jelly beans and apple rings. We filled baggies with these for the kids in attendance.
I hope you all enjoyed our fun Green Eggs and Ham shower. It was definitely fun to do! My next baby shower for a friend is in January, so it's time to start planning again! I love it!