Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decorating Dilemma in the Entry

Do you have a room that isn't put together yet and you've lived in your home for 2 plus years? Yea, me too. Unfortunately that room was my entryway and large entry hall. Not so private!

The problem is that my entry is more than 5 feet wide and it is the length of about half of my house. It cuts the front of the house in half. With 10 foot ceilings and 3 archways, it is massive. Our former house had a small narrow entry and a stairwell, so this space has been a work in progress. Here it is in my Christmas 2009 post and pretty much the way it has looked until this past week. I am pretty happy with recent changes made in this space, so come take a look!
Standing in the hall looking back at the front door
This cut out is to the left of the front door. I painted it a little darker about a year ago and it has always housed my silver crosses. With recent more rustic changes to the space, I switched out the silver with the more brown, red, copper crosses. I like them so much more against the wall color.
Just opposite the cross wall is my red table from my favorite antique store in nearby Georgetown and a collection of family photos. This past week I finally added my 2 year old to the collage. With digital everything, I hadn't printed pictures in ages!
Just past this red table, the wall slants and that space is home to my grandmother's singer sewing table that I refinished years ago.
I added a new family picture above the table. I had placed a baby picture of Abby in this frame in the guest bedroom, but it works so much better here with our new truck pictures taken this fall.

When the hall straightens back out, there is a double entry into my husband's office and my very first antique purchase, a red cabinet with metal stars detail. I added the metal star above the cabinet and kept it simple with a big ivy. Plants do really well in this space, lots of indirect light. The closed doors you see are the powder room and laundry room.
A look into the living room from the red cabinet...
On the wall opposite my husband's office is my new antique dresser. I had my childhood piano in this space and recently sold it and purchased this piece. I wanted more storage and hadn't played the piano since junior high.
This wall is 10 feet high and about 10 feet long. It is a project! I moved my shelves around, added new art and still want to do more. I think I want another black shelf below these two and want some piece of tall skinny art (dreaming of an old door!) to the left of the dresser.
The dresser is perfect for storing linens since this room is just outside the formal dining room. I have tablecloths, runners and place mats in there. That handsome man in uniform on top is my Daddy :)
I liked the price (only $120!) and the detail on this dresser. The previous owner did a great job roughing it up for me. I didn't do a thing to it.
Thanks for touring my newly improved entry!