Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few "Love"ly Items

Like many people, the post-Christmas mantle is much lighter and cleaner than the Christmas mantle. It always amazes me how empty the house looks after Christmas and how much I like that.

I have very minimal Valentine's decorations. Since it falls after Christmas when I am keeping things light and I'm not a big heart person so that eliminates a lot of options :)
I do love pulling out my angel each year. She was part of the garden decor from Hobby Lobby many years ago. My first gift from my husband (then boyfriend) was a cherub poster, so she also reminds me of those early days of falling in love! In the green glass jar, I held a candle in place with red hots! I bought many a bag a few years ago and just store them each year. Candy in bulk gets expensive. If you stop by, don't eat the candy!

I bought these vintage Valentine cards last year for 99 cents at an antique store and this year I framed them with scrapbook paper behind the card. Cheap and easy look!
My new banner is from Etsy. My friend has bought a few different items from Blue Moon Creations and they were just beautiful. This one is super sturdy with lots of little details. The red zig zag on the polka dot paper is the real deal- thread! I love it!
I placed a few more items in the dining room including my red felt heart banner from Home Goods. Oh how I wish I had a Home Goods near me. We have one in Austin, but it is more than 30 minutes away. Come closer!
Along with a picture from Valentine's last year, I arranged 2 inexpensive melamine plates from Target and more "vintage" candy in a jar.
I'd like a few more "love"ly items for my home this year. Fingers crossed I can find exactly what I am looking for and that I figure out just what that is!