Monday, February 21, 2011

New Jewelry for my Home

Knobs! I have had new knobs on the home to-do list for over a year. While having lunch with a girlfriend a few weeks ago, she showed me the new knobs she planned to install and I loved them. It reminded me that I needed to get on my own knob project. I had so many excuses- what if I mess up? We don't really need them? Do I want silver or oil rubbed bronze? This kitchen is going to cost me a fortune.

Last weekend my husband and I went to Home Depot to look and walked out of there with 46 kitchen jewels and 10 master bath jewels. Oh, and this life saving template! I did all of the knobs in the kitchen while my daughter napped. The template made is so easy! Cleaning up the dust and recharging the cordless drill battery took the most time.

I went with an oil-rubbed bronze in the kitchen. I goes well with the black appliances in there. Now, I am onto the pot rack!
The master bath needed a brushed silver and these pulls sold me first! Look at how they mimic my existing light fixtures. Perfection! I added simple silver round knobs to the bathroom doors.
I couldn't leave Miss Abby Lu out- she got her own crystal knobs (silver instead of gold) from Anthropologie the next day. Since her bathroom is small and only required 6 knobs I was able to splurge!
If you are looking for an easy addition to your kitchen or bath, just do it! Add knobs and be sure to buy the template- it is a life saver!