Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Outdoor Living Room

You might recall back in February, I listed my home goals for 2011. I am thrilled to have accomplished the big one this past week- we expanded our patio and created an outdoor living room!
We went back and forth on flagstone, brick pavers, or concrete and ultimately the slope of our backyard made the decision for us- we went concrete. The picture above shows the slope- it is level with the ground on the right side and 7" off the ground on the left side!

They framed it out at 10' deep by 15' wide. I would have loved to go deeper, but our backyard is shallow and I didn't want it to be all concrete back there!
Hooray! Once the patio was poured we had to wait 3 days to place our furniture on it! We (I am sure you know I mean he) had already put it together out of excitement! It sat all sad in the garage for 5 days just waiting! We want to stain the patio, but decided to wait a while since Abby is really into sidewalk chalk. She is ready to decorate her new canvas!
Ta Da! Our new patio with the lively furniture! I just love it! I searched patio furniture online for weeks and polled my Facebook friends for recommendations. We ultimately went with the Catalina collection from World Market. The wood feel was more homey than the metal and I think we can keep the stain up annually and make it last. The pillows are all scotch guarded and weather proof. Plus, the covers come off to be washed!
We opted for the storage bench over a traditional coffee table. It gives us a place to store the throw pillows outside, allows for additional seating if needed and serves as a coffee table. Everything was 25% off, too which made the cushions all free!
When moving our plants to place everything on the new patio, we discovered why a bird kept visiting our old patio- it was her home! Look at these little blue bird's eggs! I'm so glad we neglected our fern the past few weeks!
Can you tell who loves the new patio the most? I have a feeling come rain or shine, this little girl will want to spend all her time out here! We did our nightly reading and computer time outside and read books in our jammies at 6:45 this morning.