Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Flip- Part One

Do you remember when I redid our guest bedroom here? Well, this past weekend, I redid it again!

The front of our house has three rooms- Abby's room, our guest bedroom, and my craft room. The guest bedroom was the front room in the house- it has a walk in closet, 2 large windows, an arch, and is the largest of the three. The craft room was in the back of the hall and had lower ceilings, one smaller window, and the smallest closet. With me spending more time in my craft room, we decided to flip the guest bedroom and craft room last weekend.

It was a simple weekend project- change our shelving in closets, switch ceiling fan into new guest room and chandelier into new craft room, oh, and move lots of furniture.

Here is the new smaller and cozier guest bedroom!
Since I was moving things around, I went ahead and changed up the configurations of the art on the walls. It makes it feel new without spending any money.
I really like the way our furniture fits into this space and my Mom (our most frequent guest) likes that the room is darker allowing her to sleep better.
My new and totally lovely craft room/home office pictures coming soon! I am finishing up the new curtains and waiting on my one new purchase for the room- Delta Girl Frames! I recently made a day trip to Dallas for work and decided to blow my mileage check on these frames! They are in the mail and I'm so excited to see them!