Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Lure of Office Supplies

I love office supplies. I loved back to school shopping when I was younger. I remember being very sad when I thought I had bought my last new notebook for school. Little did I know how many adult uses I could find for a new notebook! Becoming a Work-from-Home Mom meant starting my own business in the land of IRS, so it also means paying more attention to my taxes and keeping receipts (in a cute folder of course!).

Then it hit me... my office supplies are now a tax deduction. They are part of my business expenses and maybe just maybe, my love of shopping for them will result in giving away less green next April.

Here are a few of my favorites- all from See Jane Work.

I didn't buy everything above or even most of it, but I did purchase some file boxes, file hangers, sticky tabs and le pens this past week. I'm excited to use them in my very own home office!

I also have learned that my beloved Parsons chair from Ballard Designs isn't the right height for extensive laptop time. It is intended to be an office or dining chair, but my "desk" is really a dining room table and the height difference is enough to cause my back to hurt. So, I bought a new office chair that is adjustable to solve my problem. I loved all the chairs on PB Teen, but got a much better deal on Comfort First for the bankers chair. I think the white, with a cute bright cushion from PB Teen, will look great and work better for me!

If anyone in the Austin area is interested in the Parsons Chair, email me at annajenk AT yahoo dot com and I'll be happy to sell it to you. It is going on Craig's List soon. $50 and it is yours! Pictures of the chair are here.