Saturday, October 8, 2011

VitaZing by Origins

I think I have talked about my face on here before... it was super oily until about age 30 and now it is dry. I am sure there is some biological reason for that, but it has made a for a whole new world of makeup! On top of that, I am really pale. I have no peach/orange in me and that is what most makeup seems to have too much of.
I fell in love with this powder by Origins this Springs and have loved it, but I wanted something a little heavier when I know photos will be taken. With holidays and family photos coming up, I went back to Origins and they recommended VitaZing. I am in love!

It is a tinted moisturizer that is good for my skin! It goes on white and then adjusts to my skin's pigmentation. Amazing! The photo above is no foundation and no powder, just my new moisturizer! Seriously! Oh and by the way, because I know you can't tell, I am still a little sunburnt on my nose from our trip to Cabo and peeling.

If you need a new moisturizer for winter, go VitaZing!