Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Frame Collage

I fell in love with Delta Girl frames months ago and bought my first set for my craft room earlier this summer. I love them in there so much that I wanted another set for the main part of the house. Just inside my entry I had a large silver framed collage. That silver had been removed from all other parts of my entry, so it made the perfect open wall for new Delta Girl frames.
Her friends are super thick- literally big pieces of wood, stapled, painted, scraped and aged to make timeless frames. These each hold a 5x7 picture and are 12x14 inches large.
The other thing I love- you customize them. I was able to pick the prints, the colors and even the trim and trim colors. She builds them completely custom just for you!
For me, Delta Girl frames are a splurge, but I know I'll have them forever and they truly become a work of art in the home. Just in case you are wondering, I wasn't asked to write this post. I just love her stuff and thought you might as well.

You can find her on etsy and on facebook. Enjoy!