Saturday, December 3, 2011

Handmade Christmas- Fabric Covered Tins

I am suddenly realizing a problem with my handmade Christmas series... there will be no surprises under the tree for my family! I guess the surprise will be what items are for whom!

My husband loves Altoids, so when I saw these fabric covered tins online, I knew I had the supplies on hand to make these.
Using scrap fabric, I cut two rectangles a little larger than my tins and covered the tin with modpodge and then adhered my fabric onto the tin.
Using my fabric scissors I trimmed the fabric around the edges of the tin. I was fearful it would be messy or I wouldn't get close enough, but it worked out just fine.
Then, cut a long thin strip and adhere it to the sides of the tin. You'll want to start and end on the back side so your seam isn't visible. I did it with the lid shut to make sure I didn't interfere with the lid closing by adding the bulk of the fabric. Just open it up when you are done and wipe off the extra glue with your finger. It would suck to glue it shut!
Mod podge felt onto the inside and have fun using pinking shears to cut it.
In all, I spent $1 on these tins- for the felt. They wouldn't cost much at all even if you had to buy Altoids and a small amount of fabric. If you don't have Altoid tins on hand or want to make a bunch of tins, you can buy them here. Now it is time to give your cute little tins!
I can think of lots of uses for these little tins:

To hold a gift card

For a gym friend to keep their iPod shuffle and headphones inside their gym bag

For a friend that sews to keep small scissors or scraps inside

A place for jewelry when you travel or jewelry as a gift

A tin for homemade fudge or another small snack food

A Kleenex holder

What other uses can you think of?