Friday, December 2, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Sugar Scrub

Have you ever wondered how they make scrubs? You'll never believe how simple it is! What a great gift idea for teachers, friends, Moms in a MOPS group, hostess gifts, and more!
The moment I used this on my hands, I proudly proclaimed, "I'll never waste money on scrubs again." It is inexpensive, easy and really does work!

These are your ingredients- regular table sugar, olive oil (cheap is great!), and essential oil of whatever scent you would like. It is Christmas, so I selected peppermint. You could mix and match and make your own scents.

I found this at Whole Foods, an organic grocery store in the area. It was in the homeopathic/bath section and is different from peppermint extract in the spice aisle.
Pour 1/2 cup plus 1 T of olive oil into 1 1/2 cup of sugar. Mix well.
It will be yellow from the oil and smell like olives. ha! Add in your peppermint (or other) essential oil until it smells as strong as you'd like. I used about 15 drops.
I then added food coloring to make the scrub match the scent.
My mixture, minus 3 hand scrubs for the family, almost filled a pint jar, like those used in canning.
I'll be gifting these to girlfriends and added a fun Christmas fabric and ribbon on the lid. Just cut your fabric a little bigger than the lid in a square and use your pinking shears. I created labels for my jars and printed them on full sheet label paper I found at Office Max. If you like my labels and would like to use them, click here.
In total, I spent $20 on the supplies since I had mason jars on hand and can make about 10 jars. A very inexpensive gift for friends and family. If you need to buy the jars, it still should cost you well under $5 each.

I originally found the sugar scrub here via Pinterest. Her "recipe" is double mine which would be great when making large batches for gifts. She also did a great job decorating the cute bottles with scrapbook paper. Here is another blogger with 24 different recipes and printables- you have lots of fun options!