Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Merry- My Merry Trees

I love having my Christmas tree up- doesn't it just make your living room feel special? I want to spend time playing with Abby and watching TV with Marcus by tree light. Plus, we've been having cooler weather than normal this month and anything below 60 warrants a fireplace in my opinion!
We moved a chair and ottoman out of the living room to be able to place the tree next to the fireplace this year. It was a wise move :) Our tree is 9 feet tall and is a "skinny" tree. Based upon our space, it is the right fit for us. We had an 8 foot "fat" tree in our old house. It is artificial, from Hobby Lobby ( my favorite!) and is pre-lit. Thank goodness. Although, that just means my least favorite job is fluffing it. Does anything else HATE that job? It takes forever and I get all scratchy!
Here are some of my favorite ornaments.... I guess my theme is flannel? or winter clothes? cozy? Any idea what my theme is? I like soft ornaments, big fuzzy Santas, vintage looking toys, and have plaid scraps of fabric tied into rings of garland.
I have two handmade tree skirts I use- this one was handmade by my husband's Aunt and has lots of red and green with a little gold. It is beautiful and I love having something made in the family. My other skirt was made by my Mom and is a variety of plaids.

I didn't take any good pictures of our other tree, but you can see it here. My daughter Abby Lu is three and she has a tree in her room. It is white and covered in sweets- gingerbread men, candy canes, peppermint swirls, etc. She also has garland running around the tree- I made it from green, white, red, and pink pom poms.

Thanks for visiting my tree!