Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Decor: Trees

This is my new tree and I just love it! It is a 9 foot skinny tree and is perfect for our house. We had a traditional 7 foot tree, but it was too wide for our space and not tall enough with our high ceilings. If you are tree shopping this year, go skinny!
Our tree is in the open archway of our formal dining room that is open in an L shape to our living room. It just wouldn't fit in our living room with our furniture, TV and the fireplace. I couldn't bring myself to move furniture out of the room since we need out seating on Christmas morning.
I don't know how to describe my tree- is definetely has a theme. I love warm things on it- felt balls, fuzzy mittens, vintage toys like wagons and scooters, rusty jingle bells, ratty plaid fabrics, and furry Santas. It is rustic. It is country. It is Americana.

This is one of my very favorite ornaments.

Since this is my first Christmas with my baby girl, I added a second tree for her room. On Halloween morning, my girlfriend and I ventured to Garden Ridge for a tree and the fixins for her new baby girl's tree also. I went with a white tree thinking it will look great with pink in future years.
But, since I have a say this time around, I did a candy theme for her. Everything on here is sugar-coated! These intitials were a gift from my shopping buddy after she discovered them weeks later. They are perfect since I love to monogram!
Even the simple balls on her tree and sugar coated!
This is a ball of cherries with some icing! We also have chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cones, chocolate dipped strawberries, ribbon candy, and candy canes. I hope I can teach her fake candy from real candy by next Christmas!
I love the warmth a lit Christmas tree brings to a home. I hope yours is cozy and bright this year as well. Merry Christmas!