Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun New Stuff!

My husband and I cashed in some credit card points to get a new couch and dining room table for free! We needed a new couch- ours was getting saggy and we wanted something smaller in our living room.

We searched around quite a bit and ended up selecting a couch from IKEA. (see our old couches here)

I didn't really want gray since I use so much khaki and brown in the house, but the khaki colors were just too light. I knew I would be a nervous wreck with Abby on the couch or it would look dirty quick. 

Once I added some blue and red into the couch with my throw pillows and blankets, I think the gray is a good neutral. It is a little tweed like in texture which I am finding grabs fuzz easily! Can you spot the fuzz below? ha!

My sugar pillow above is new- thank you Etsy! The rest of them I had on the denim couch previously. I like the pop of the red ottoman with the gray also. I'll always have red in my home- I love it!

We are also loving how low profile the new couch is- it really opens up the room and we can see the TV easier from the new dining room table! :)

Our dining room table was only a couple of years old, but it was a soft wood and was showing wear quickly. It had rings on the top, fork marks from an aggressive toddler and no matter what we tried, the legs on the chairs would come lose. Scary!

I've always wanted a round kitchen table and love the black with the black of my kitchen knobs. The pedestal table is the right size and the country chairs are just my style! We ended up buying the table and chairs from Amazon and scored free shipping which was huge!

Along with buying a new car in April which really ended up costing us less per month, we've been busy shopping AND saving!