Friday, April 27, 2012

Goodbye Picnik, Hello iPiccy

I started using Picnik, online photo editing software over a year ago and I'm sad to see them close down today. They were so easy to use and very popular, I have no idea why they are leaving. Something about a merger with Google Plus. They have handled the closing really well- refunded any upgrades paid out, given lots of notice so that people can snag pictures saved in their online library, and even offered alternatives. 

One such alternative they linked to in an email with iPiccy, which I believe was started by former Picnik employees. I tried it out and love it! It has all the features of Picnik I loved plus more!

Here is my first iPiccy edit.... Abby in the bluebonnets. If only I could edit her a smile! The picture had so much more potential with the bright blue of the flowers.

Here is my edited version. I popped the colors more, did a cross process, and added highlights and shadows. All of it is super simple- just press buttons and if you like the change, hit apply or hit cancel and move onto the next edit.

Goodbye Picnik and Hello iPiccy! Thank goodness I have a replacement option!

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