Monday, August 13, 2012

Nothing but...

I love watching Oprah's Next Chapter on Sunday nights. A few weeks ago, I caught her interview with Carrie Underwood and her husband in their little getaway weekend home in Tennessee. The home was amazing and Carrie had a sign in her kitchen that said, "nothing but the blood of Jesus".

It caught my eye and has been on my mind for weeks. I don't think I ever truly stopped to think about what the words from this old hymn mean until recently. Nothing but the blood of Jesus will get you into heaven. It isn't going to church, knowing the books of the Bible, being without sin, or any other rules we place on each other. Jesus gave His blood for our sins, we just have to believe in Him.

Knowing how much pressure and how many rules I place on myself makes this so freeing. So, I made myself a little printable for my home to remind me.

Feel free to print and enjoy yourself.