Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Foot Fetish: Tiny TOMS

 My daughter goes to preschool and that means closed toe shoes. I don't love tennis shoes on little kids. I also love dresses on my daughter and most closed toes shoes look awful with dresses, but TOMS have been the answer for us! Abby Lu had three pair she wore for most of last winter and Spring. We have spent the summer in flip flops, but I'm excited about the new tiny TOMS recently released.

I love the new colored soles! So cute and more feminine than the classic beige or black soles. 

 These are my new favorites! I love the new mary janes. I actually ordered these and a solid black. I love that they look a little nicer, but are like comfy tennis shoes for Abby.

I also love that Abby and I have now bought 5 pairs of shoes for kids in need through their one for one program. It opens up a great conversation about how blessed she is and how we can help others.

Yea for TOMS!