Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Easy Bleach Project

One day a few weeks back, my daughter and I had a playdate at the pool cancel and we were left with a free morning. So, I looked around on Pinterest for a simple project she could help me with that didn't involve going to the store. We decide to play with letters, bleach, and a spray bottle.

Look at her little tank top, she is proud to have made and wanted to wear immediately!

Using your printer, cut out a shape or letters and tape them down to a clean dark colored piece of clothing. Next, spray the clothing with bleach in a spray bottle and let dry. Remove the letters, wash the clothing solo, and you have something fun and new!

My husband loved her tank so much, we played with his favorite pair of lounging shorts and added the symbol for the horde. He plays World of Warcraft and this is his group within the game. The picture below is while the bleach was working and the paper is still taped down.

A couple of things I learned and will do differently next time:
  • Make sure your bleach is NOT color safe :)
  • Use cardstock instead of regular copy paper. The thicker paper won't get as wet and allow the bleach  spots to seep through like they did on Abby Lu's tank.
  • I used an old hair product spray bottle, but I think a real spray bottle would have given a more uniform spraying and thus a better overall look.
  • I have an old plastic tablecloth that has become the crafting drop cloth. I highly recommend it. We use it for painting, too.
Enjoy spraying your bleach!