Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peeps on a Stick Printable and a Lil Rant

Have you seen the cute idea to put Easter peeps on a stick and share them? I saw this idea on Pinterest and pinned it knowing it would be an easy and inexpensive little treat Abby could share with her friends at school and church.

I used 2 peeps per stick (found in the cake decorating aisle at Hobby Lobby) and tied them inside a small treat bag (same aisle) with scrap ribbon. Very inexpensive craft and Abby helped me by handing me the items as I needed them. She loves any craft or cooking time that lets her sit on the kitchen island!

I also made a little set of tags with my digital scrapbook software. They are 2" x 3.5", so perfect for tying onto each stick. I made an extra set without "abby lu" on them. Feel free to download and print them.

I am not usually one to rant. I don't like to speak ill of others. I don't leave mean comments on blogs. But, I want to say something that may be a little controversial here.... I hate all the articles and blog posts coming out right now that we need to take the holidays down a notch. Or, that Pinterest is evil. I think just the opposite and here is why.

I like making treats for my daughter and her friends and the holidays provide the perfect venue for that. I want to spend time with my daughter doing things, not just playing in her dollhouse or watching TV together. I want her to learn to make things, but more importantly to make things for others. I want her to feel the joy of giving, not just receiving. I want her to be creative, to get dirty, and to start and finish a project. These are life lessons in the form of sugary treats in a bag.

I don't want other Moms to feel bad when they receive these treats. I don't feel pressure when my friends make green milk for their kids on March 17th or share the cutest party favors. I think, that is fun or I wish I had thought to do that. It is okay. I can't do it all. I can make the choice to do what I can.

I love getting ideas from Pinterest. I love sharing ideas. I think it is wonderful to support others who come up with something cute or helpful by repinning their findings. I enjoy dreaming about a new home, a pretty outfit, a perfectly iced cake. I don't feel pressure to have all those things. I know I will never master folding a fitted sheet no matter how many times I pin a tutorial. 

I hope we can use things like Pinterest and treats shared among kids to get new ideas and be encouraged and not use them to make ourselves feel inferior. The world will do that for us in so many places, don't let Pinterest do it, too.