Thursday, May 16, 2013

From Glass to Mercury Glass in 5 Minutes

I pinned a mercury glass tutorial months ago and then went on a 2 month "I am spending too much time and money at Hobby Lobby" hiatus. Well today, I went in, bought what I needed and in less than 5 minutes I had this amazing vintage mercury glass vase. Let me show you how!

Here are your supplies- a spray bottled filled with equal parts water and white vinegar, looking glass spray paint and an object to paint. This vase was $4.50 half off. You could use the glass from a picture inside a frame, a mason jar, candlesticks, an old brass lamp, most anything!

Gather all your supplies and be ready- this goes quick. First put a couple of light coats of looking glass spray on the glass object. Don't worry about the inside or super even coverage. I have had some drip marks and they worked out just fine! I did spray the upper inside since it turns outward and would show.

Then you spray the container with your vinegar and water mixture and wait one minute.

Finally, using a paper towel (dry) just start dabbing the vinegar mixture off the vase. It will dull the shiny in places and literally pull the shiny off in others.

My insides were all kinds of a mess from spraying the upper inside portion, but this project is so forgiving that it didn't affect the final project at all.

Here is my finished vase, from glass to mercury glass in under five minutes!

I love the vintage feel it has and no one would ever guess it is a spray paint trick. I can think of so many things I want to paint just looking around my house. This would be beautiful to give as a gift with fresh flowers.

What a wonderful pin to have stumbled across!