Sunday, August 25, 2013

Abby Lu's New Playroom

We reached a point where the toys were taking over the bedroom and I was tired of forcing Abby to clean up just so that I could get to her closet. You see when my child plays, she goes all out. She likes to throw parties and line up 20 animals with a snack and a drink. Then, they all need to rest with a blanket and a toy. It makes the biggest mess, but in her motherly little mind, she is playing house and forcing her to put all that away was so hard. She wanted all her babies to have what they need.

So, after debating how to handle it, my husband and I decided to convert her bedroom into a playroom. This would give her lots of space to play and I could shut the door on the room and not enter if I didn't want to. It was the perfect solution. We moved her clothes and dresser into our guest bedroom and moved her into the Queen sized bed in there. I'll share her bedroom with you soon and here is her new playroom!

This is the view when you enter the room...

Going from left to right inside the room, we put all her play food inside a green bucket and then all of her play dishes are in her Disney Princess tea cart. She plays with food and drinks all day long!

In the left corner where her bed was, we bought a new round IKEA table and two more pink chairs. This is the perfect place for art, playdoh, playing games, and feeding babies.

Her beloved dollhouse is on her blue IKEA table. This was by far the best purchase we have ever made. She loves to set up her dollhouse over and over again. She earns a small allowance and loves to use it to buy furniture. When she travels overnight to see her grandparents, we allow one bag of toys and she fills it with furniture to set up in her bedroom at their house. My sister just bought her a new dollhouse at a garage sale and it is taller than this one when on the floor! Thank goodness we have the space now! 

Her bookcase and closet organizers haven't changed much since they were functioning in her bedroom. I would love another bookcase like this to flank the other side of the window. One day!

On the largest wall in the room where her dresser once was is her art display I made. It was inexpensive, personalizes the space and makes her proud to display her works of art! Her princess castle and collection of stuffed animals along with baby accessories line the wall's floor space. 

This has turned out to be the best solution for our family! I love that I spent less than $100 on this room and it now works beautifully for our little girl.