Thursday, August 22, 2013

Colorful Kid's Art Display for Under $20

My daughter is 4.5 and she loves to do art. She makes pictures at home, at school, at church, anywhere. She always finds them all to be treasures and wants them on display. I used to display her art in my kitchen on an old shutter, but we recently converted her room into her playroom and moved her into the guest bedroom for sleeping. It allowed me to make her play room all about her and that meant having a big art display.

My thoughts going into the project- I need to be able to change her art easily, I want to display at least 10 pictures at a time, it can't cost me much money, and I wanted it be be fun and colorful.

To make this all happen, I knew I wanted clothespins and decided to use inexpensive hooks and ribbon for my display. Washi tape on the clothespins brought in more color and pattern. I simply taped the front of each clothespin and cut off the excess.

I did three rows or hooks and ribbon and each one was 14" higher than the next. The bottom row was 36" off the ground. To be honest, I didn't measure the distance between the hooks horizontally, I just centered it on the wall. My guess is that they are about 5 feet apart.

What do you think? Super easy and pretty cute! We have had fun filling her wall and I don't have anxiety about where to put the next piece of art she brings home! Plus, the hooks on the end have come in handy for the items intended to be on a doorknob. They are great for holding art, too!