Saturday, January 11, 2014

#annaisgrateful- Week One

So to help with my 2014 resolution, I am keeping track of 3-5 things I am grateful for each day and trying to snap a picture of one things per day that I am grateful for. You can follow along on Instagram with the #annaisgrateful hastag. Ideally, I'll post these about once a week. 

January 1- I am grateful for His word and excited to read the one year chronological Bible. I am meeting with ladies from my church to discuss every Wednesday morning. 

I am grateful for this sweet girls lack of interest in clothing. Most of my friends fight with their daughters in the morning. This one just puts on what I lay out. We fought about pants when it was time to pack away the summer dresses, but not anymore. We just put it on!

I am grateful for the friends I made in Sunday school last year and the fun fringe scarf I won at our scarf exchange this fall.

I am thankful for the creative outlet party planning for Abby's birthday gives me. A little part of me would do it as a business... just a little part of me!

On this cold and rainy day, I was thankful I have the opportunity to work from home, in my jammies, on my couch with this on!

I was on my couch a lot this week! Thankful for a relaxing afternoon in part to a little girl who listened and stayed in her bed all of rest time. Momma needed rest, too!

Corn syrup and fake corn products give me headaches. Before I knew this, cheese chips was my lunch of choice. I found yummy chips from Target (On The Border brand) that are GMO free, so cheese chips are back! My budget is grateful, too!

Grateful for a lunch date with Abby after she had her 5 year pictures taken! We celebrated her smiling and listening to the photographer with pink cake. It was delicious!

Grateful to FINALLY own a boxwood wreath. I have wanted one for years. I needed a basic everyday front porch wreath and snagged this one at Target. I am certain I'll be changing out the ribbon all the time. Fun!

I am grateful for a new fun and easy game on my iPhone. Having a game means I plan instead of shop around while killing time on my phone. DOTS is much cheaper than "browsing" Zulily, Nordstrom or Amazon!

I am already starting to see myself looking for things to log at night in my grateful journal!