Saturday, March 15, 2014

$10 and 10 Minutes Bow Organization

I need to admit something- my five year old has well over 100 bows. We have big bows, tiny bows, solid bows, animal prints, polka dots, made to match one outfit, big flowers, little flowers, pinwheel and curly qs, over the top bows, and dainty ones. And, I'm out of storage and sometimes still can't find the right shade of pink! Are you with me on this?

We have used this cute little dress form to hold bows since before Abby was born. I love it, but we have filled it and I can't find bows in it. So, I needed another option.

Money is tight and a project like this is annoying and not budgeted, so I racked my brain for an easy way to hold her bows and make them more visible. Enter the over the door coat rack!

To each of the hooks, I simply tied in a really tight knot a long piece of ribbon. I made it match her bathroom but should have used cheap white ribbon- it is all covered up with BOWS! 

Voila! After donating a gallon baggie full, selling a lot of 30 on Facebook, I am left with this pile!

They are semi organized- flowers, fabric flowers, solid colors, giant, poofs, multi-colored, etc. It is so much easier to grab a bow... $10 and 10 minutes later!