Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grateful- Week Nine

 I have so much to be grateful for! 

I am grateful I work indoors, live in a warm house and drive a reliable car. We've had some crazy weather and while it effects my day, I realize how much more it effects others. 

On Thursday, I left this sweet girl for a work event for a few days and she didn't handle it well at all. I am grateful I don't leave her often. Ten hours a day at daycare would have been so different for her. We did it for a few years and I can't imagine having done it for her first five years! 

It is just a teeny bit nice to know she misses me. When you are with your child most days, you don't know how much they love you. She always misses Daddy when he goes to work. 

After a long day working an event, it was nice to have a king sized bed, room service and a remote control. I almost always order a grilled cheese and fries from room service and this night, I had warm cookies to go with it. 

Saturday night I was grateful to make it home in time to tuck this sweet thing in the bed. She wanted a few extra snuggles!

On Sunday, while my people were at church, I enjoyed a day of rest. No shower, no real clothes and no running around. I did laundry, dishes, a little email catch up, and enjoyed a long nap! The before 5 AM alarms caught up to me! 

Monday was back to normal and my house needed food! I love a well stocked kitchen and was happy to be back to full by Monday evening. I promise there was produce and healthy foods in there- they just didn't make the picture! :)

As silly as it sounds, I am really grateful for Chick-fil-A. I have spent many hours doing work, reading books, and surfing the web while Abby plays. We are getting really close to being too old and bored in the playground and that makes me a little sad. Luckily, today she played for a while since she had a classmate there also.