Monday, January 17, 2011

Milk and Cookies Party: Crafts

I did a couple of simple crafts for the milk and cookies party last weekend. The focus was the food, so we didn't want to have too many additional distractions.

I made a front door wreath that was very easy and inexpensive.
Here are the supplies- a straw wreath, 8 yards of ribbon (I only had 6 of the blue and added 2 of the tan), accent ribbon, felt cookies, and the number 2 (wooden, painted brown).
The joy of using the straw wreath is that I attached the ribbon was straight pins. No need to use glue, this keeps it in place but also allows you to remove the ribbon afterward and reuse it. I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath and secured it with pins on the back side in 4 spread out places. After wrapping the chocolate brown accent ribbon, it was time to attach the #2 and the cookies.
I also attached the cookies using the pins. The dark head matched the chocolate chip and made it easy to attach. I attached the wooden #2 with E-6000 and hung it on the door with ribbon. For a different type of front door wreath, see Abby's 1st birthday entry decor.
My Mom and I made 5 dozen felt cookies for the kids to decorate. We decorated an additional 1 dozen for the party. These were super simple to make.
I grabbed a variety of sizes of jar lids from my kitchen and used them as my cookies. We then cut felt in ivory, tan, and brown in sets of 2. You can get about 6 circles or 3 cookies out of each 20 cent piece of felt. Using a simple needle and thread, we sewed each cookies about 75% and then stuffed it with a handful of batting and sewed it shut.
I bought felt glue at Hobby Lobby for the kids to use and placed all of the cookie accessories in an old muffin tin spray painted blue. The cookie extras included icing, cut a little smaller than the cookie, colored M&Ms cut in circles, dark and white chocolate chips cut as small squares.

The kids had fun decorating their fake cookies and my sister took all of the leftovers to her preschool class for the kids there to enjoy.

Thanks for coming to our milk and cookies party. I hope you found some ideas to inspire your next event!