Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Laundry Room Reveal, take 2

This is my laundry room as of a week ago. It was blah, felt tight and had bad storage. We had one long shelf, but it was too high. Nothing could go on there without me needing a step ladder to get it down. The bottom shelf was only about 3 feet long and that just wasn't big enough. We decided to upgrade the laundry shelving and that led to me painting the room, too!

I knew I wanted a blue color with a little green. Once I found the fabric I wanted on fabric.com, I used it as my inspiration. I took the fabric to Home Depot and found my paint. Since I was going from a light khaki to a rich blue, I used a tinted primer first.

The color looks so different based upon the lighting and my camera. I would best describe it as the color of hospital scrubs. It has more green/teal that the blue/gray of these photos.

Here is the formula if you like it. The color on the left is more representative of the actual color on my walls.

The new shelving is wonderful! Both shelves run the 5.5' length of the room. We made the bottom shelf 12" deep and the top 16" deep. Just above the blue mop bucket below, you can see the "system". 

We have a top bar screwed into the wall and then the vertical pieces hang from it and are also screwed into the wall. We even have the space for a really high 3rd shelf. I think it would be great for off season items, like beach towels and extra blankets.

I love using my inexpensive homemade laundry detergent! I wanted a fun way to display it and make using it easier. While looking around Target and Hobby Lobby for a container with a spout, it hit me! I have three drink containers with spouts and only really need 2 of them. So, here is my drink container as a laundry detergent holder. I love it! I am using a one cup quilted jelly jar as my measuring cup.

I have never placed store bought liquid detergent in my dispenser, but based upon the comments and feedback from this post, it is too thick. You could try to water it down and then use double the recommended dose to make it work. I would do 50/50 detergent/water.

Also, please make sure this is out of reach of your children and they aren't at an age where they may try to drink this. It isn't a safe option for everyone!

We bought this inexpensive clothing rack at Container Store. It holds wet clothes or clothes fresh from the dryer and folds up when not in use. It takes up virtually no space and does the job!

When the door is open, this is the view from the hallway. Oh, it makes me happy! The small artwork you see to the left of the window was inspired by this vintage Better Homes and Gardens Art. I just found vintage washing machines, laundromats, and laundry baskets via Google searching and copied the text from their free printables. It allowed me to use my favorite fonts and the colors of my room. Click here for the subway art I created on the other wall.

In all, our project cost just under $200 for fabric, paint, shelving, and picture frames. If I had more funds, I would have loved a new light fixture, a red washer and dryer, and a vintage laundry basket!

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