Sunday, August 9, 2009

Easy Quick Change

I have found that changing the knobs on an inexpensive piece of furntiure can make it look so much more special. These very basic nightstands from Target have a hand painted knob I bought for under $10. I also painted and aged the top of them for my guest bedroom. A quick and cheap change!
P.S. Anthropologie has the best vintage knobs. They aren't cheap, but they are GORGEOUS! It wouldn't be bad if you are doing 2 nightstands only.

You can also just paint the basic knobs that come with your furniture. This is my daughter's dresser and I spray painted all of the knobs pink to match her room. If you decide to paint the knobs, take a piece of cardboard from a box and screw the knobs into the cardboard like it is the drawer. It will make it easy to spray all sides evenly and for them to dry quicker.