Monday, August 24, 2009

This Week's Digital Projects

This week I had the pleasure of making a little boy's birthday invitation and notepads for a girlfriend. I love both of these projects. I seriously could play in this software all day long! If you want something made, just let me know! I'll be happy to do it!


Heather Mason said...

I hope you mean it when you say you'd love to design for your friends!!! I may come a callin' someday soon! As usual, I love all of your ideas.

Welcome to Being Billingsley said...

Ummmm, hello.....Lila needw some thank you cards. When can we get started?


Alison said...

Can you make me a notepad from Gus, Georgia, and Lilah Romike's mother? School is upon us, and I have to write notes to the teacher! XOXO

Susan said...

I LOVE YOUR note pads!! I so want one!!!

Katy said...

That software makes some amazing things! What is the name of it? Oh and we made the German Chocolate Pound for my Dad's birthday yesterday! We all LOVED it! It will be a regular at family gatherings and holidays in our house from now on! Thank you!

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