Saturday, October 3, 2009

Great Finds in Round Top

Round Top is a small town about an hour east of Austin that becomes a shopping haven twice a year. I have been 3 different times and always leave with some new treasures. This trip was no exception- my girlfriend Alison and I found these goodies and more in just 2 hours. The rain came and we left!
For the life of me I can't think of what these are called.... I bought a long piece of wood that holds small votive candles. What is that called?
Anyway, it is about 3 feet long and holds 12 votive candles. I just loved the colors. It has red, orange, and yellow layered and peeled on it! I placed in on my bar above the kitchen sink. I'll likely move it to my long dining room table after the fall garland is moved.I also bought this small pink stool. I am adding some color to my daughter's bathroom and think hot pink is the perfect addition to the butter yellow and apple green in there. She is too small to stand on this, but I think it'll be cute on the cabinet with hand towels stacked on it and her little bowls of Q-tips and cotton bowls underneath. I'll be sure to share once her bathroom remodel is completed in the next few days.
This was my favorite find- it is a wire birdhouse wrapped in cute fabric with chandelier crystals, ribbon and birds. It would make a great mobile! I think I'll hang it in her room or her bathroom in a place that will draw some interest from her little eyes. The first salesperson offered it to me for $2 off the listed price and the second person told me the price was $4 off the listed price. Too funny! (Yes, I got to pay the lower price. She scored the sale!)

I also bought this bright colored tin flower for the bathroom remodel.
This was Alison's great find- a pair of shutters for her daughter's garden-decor nursery to hang inside on the outside of her windows. So cute! It was also already the perfect colors for her.
If you are interested in visiting Round Top, the sales happen the first weekend in April and October. See you there in April!