Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Bucket Treat

Look at this PRECIOUS Halloween bucket I found online at Whimsy Tin.
Jaime did a great job giving my daughter's bucket such personality. She has a million to select from- many of which are not Halloween or Easter related. My daughter will be sporting the chocolate bunnies next Spring!
Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. I feel so lame since I try to decorate only for fall and the vast majority of it is indoors. Our neighbors have Halloween decor like most people have for Christmas. So, we spend Halloween evening in the front yard on camping chairs visiting with our neighbors. My husband can juggle, so he spins his light-up pins for the kiddos. This year we heard 2 funny things from the neighborhood-
While juggling, an older woman walked by watched him juggle and looked at me and said, "Gotta love a man with magic hands." Wow!
A little kid crossed paths with a Dad walking with his kids and said, "look, it is the jolly green giant." The Dad sighed in frustrations and said, "I'm poison ivy." He was so defeated!
Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!