Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

My family and I drove about an hour from our home Saturday morning to visit Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Texas. We had beautiful fall weather in the high 50's with a cool breeze and just enough sunlight. Sweet Berry Farm had so much to offer young families willing to make the drive.
There were multiple spots to stop and take a picture. There were a couple of trucks like this, wheel barrows, wagons, tractors, scarecrows, and so much more. I took over 100 pictures of my daughter in under an hour. She sat in grass, flowers, hay, pumpkins, gourds.In the distance you can see the hay ride loading up. They also have a petting zoo and a corn maze on the property. The grass was beautifully green and the tress so lush for this time of year.
Another section of the farm featured pumpkin painting. They provided small pumpkins as well as water colors, picnic tables and drying racks. They also had a small grill for lunchtime treats and a small store selling jam, pumpkin butter, and homemade ice cream and coffee.

Today we started a family tradition and I can't wait to visit Sweet Berry Farms again next year. It just doesn't feel like fall until I see the pumpkins on display.


Katy said...

That place looks wonderful! Congrats on getting to fulfill that dream. It isn't easy having to wait for those happy activities. I can't wait to take a little one through the christmas lights tour on the Concho river someday!

Tabriah said...

Looks fabu. We're headed their next Saturday during our open house. Kiersten is looking forward to the hay ride. :)

Coco said...

How fun. I just found your blog and just love your style.

I actually live IN Marble Falls and we haven't made it out to the patch this year. I thought it would be too muddy this weekend but I guess not.

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