Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Blog Templates

Is your blog ready for Christmas? Here are a few of my favorite free templates.
Retro Christmas from Smitten Blog Designs. Their 2-column designs are free, but they will charge you to convert it to 3 column. Scrappin' Blogs has some cute vintage-inspired 2 and 3 column templates, like this one.Simply Blog It has this gorgeous black and white metallic-looking template.
Of course, Cutest Blog on the Block has the most options including this one.
I love the peppermint candy feeling of this template from Delightful Dots.
Delightful Dots also has a list of all of the template sites she knows of and there are a good 15 or more that I haven't seen. Happy Template Shopping!

My new template came from Aqua Poppy Designs.

1 comment:

We are the Guerra's! said...

Man, on second thought...maybe I'll scrap the one I made for one of these...thanks for the links!

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