Friday, December 11, 2009

1920's Grocery Store

When we were in Canton last week, we visited the Brookshire's Museum that included a replica 1920's grocery store. It was tiny, but full of such little treasures. I took so many pictures!
This collage includes the grocery items they had on display- the Kleenex boxes explains it use as a cold crea mremover, the batteries were a unique display, the lard came in the largest containers, Folgers was in a glass jar, and most items would be accessed by a store clerk on a rolling ladder. The store also had many vintage machines used in the 20's for slicing meat and cheese, making malts, pressing coffee, etc. I loved the old grocery cart with the tinies baby seat and the grocery list board shown on the bottom right. You would slide the red "button" if you needed the item. Today's basics are not on this list and some items listed are rarely purchased today. Very eye opening.