Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Ragamuffin Garland

While on vacation I brought along a bag full of Christmas fabrics, ribbon, ric rac and tulle that I had been collecting for my Christmas ragamuffin. It was a perfect travel project. I tied knots each night after my daughter went to bed while watching TV with my husband. It would be easy to do in the car or on an airplane also!
Here is it as a garland for my headboard. A close up of my fabrics. This one cost me much less than the fall garland since I bought cheap seasonal fabric when it was 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby.
It was super easy to hang on the headboard- I just wrapped it around the slats in the middle and sat it on the outer columns. No tape needed- I pray it doesn't land on my husband in the middle of the night. He is liable to rip it to shreds and wake up the neighborhood!

When I put it up, he commented it was very "shabby chic". I don't know that I agree or where he learned that term, but I adore him for commenting!
The blue pillowcases you see peeking behind the white are my very favorite super soft Santa flannel sheets. I love pulling them out each year!