Thursday, December 17, 2009

Three Ingredient Turtles

My Dad is a wonderful cook- he can make everything from specially marinated fajitas to salsa to pumpkin bread. A few Christmases ago, he made these turtles and now I make them every year. They are great to have on hand for a party take-along, go well in goodies baskets you are making for neighbors and co-workers, and they take no time at all! The most time is spent unwrapping every single Rolo in the bag!
Preheat your oven to 350. Lay your pretzels onto a cookie sheet. Place a Rolo on each pretzel.

Place them in the oven, about 5 minutes until they begin to melt and shrink down.

Press a pecan half onto each Rolo. Voila- you have turtles- caramel, chocolate and pecan! The pretzel gives it a hint of crunchy and salty. How divine!
Place the completed turtles in the refrigerator for about an hour so they can chill and the Rolo will harden. Serve at room temperature. Cold Rolos are hard to chew!

Just make sure you watch them in the oven. Don't walk way, bathe your child, pack her clothes for the next day and then wonder why you smell chocolate!