Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Capturing Time

Everyone told me being a parent makes time go faster and I agree. My first year as a parent has flown by. I wanted to capture that time and used a frame with monthly photos to try and remember how much Abby grew and changed each month.
This was super easy and fairly inexpensive to do. When she was a newborn I bought an 18x24 frame 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. I had them cut a mat with 12 4x4 squares. They left the back open and I added her picture each month. Just remember to leave open space when taking your picture so that you can cut it down. My husband and I also starting taking pictures on our anniversary each year holding up the number of fingers that represent our years married. We frame the pictures in a collage and enjoy looking back at how much we've changed and grown through the years. I originally bought three frames which held the first 9 years. Recently, we celebrated 10 years and I bought new frames. We are good for 2 more years and then I'll need to combine both frames and mix them up. I think it'll really be fun when we've been married 30 years and our children laugh at our fashion, but respect our marriage.
Happy Framing!