Monday, January 18, 2010

More Handmade Gifts

Is this not the most beautiful fabric? It is a Robin's egg blue with birdies, cherry blossoms and teapots. I thought it was perfect for another onesie dress. This dress is for a sweet baby due this Spring to be named Ruby Jane. We used the teapots as the main fabric and the butter yellow floral print for the border and the iron on letter.
These are really simple to make with the onesie cut just below the arms and the gathered fabric sewn directly onto the shirt. This printed dress is for another new baby girl born over the holidays.

I also decided to make ruffle shirts for these new babies and selected this fabric. The orange and white print is perfect for the Longhorn fans of new baby Sloane. And, the scalloped birdie print matches baby Rudy Jane's nursery.

Here is the finished project. I just love these shirts!
The ruffle shirts are onesies cut just above the leg holes with 1.5" of gathered fabric sewn along the bottom. It is a great girly edition to the standard t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

where did you get the fabric? especially the teapot. beyond cute. xoxo, al (i am forgoing caps/grammar to save time and energy in 2010. . .which i just expended on this explanation. ha!)

The Gumpls said...

you are out of control! I would like a sewing lesson on the onsies! God has given you such a beautiful talent to express your personality! I love your creativity!!!!

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