Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Origami Posie Pins

My friend Holly is a one crafting chica! She makes posie pins and I had dinner with her and learned how recently. There are lots of posie pins out there and lots of ways to make them. These are origami-style made with folding fabric and hot glue. Super easy to do! You start with a series of fabric cut into circles. The largest circle should be cut 7 inches. One-fourth a yard of fabric is 9" so you can buy that amount at the store. Your inner flower should be cut 6" round. The backing on the pin is sturdy felt found at Hobby Lobby and is cut 2.5". The button is for fun!

Start with your big circle, place a small dot of hot glue in the middle of the backside. Lift an edge of the circle and press it into the glue like you see below.

You continue to place hot glue in the same spot and fold your fabric over and glue it down like this.

This is the finished large posie.

Repeat that process with your smaller circle and hot glue your button in the middle covering your raw edges.

If want to add a leaf, cut it out with another fun fabric and give it a study felt backing. My leaf was 3.5 inches long.

Hot glue your small flower (with the button) on top of the large flower and flip it over. Hot glue your leaf to the back and then glue your felt circle on the back. You can now add your pin or hair clip to the back. These are at Hobby Lobby also.

Wah Lah! A super cute and easy posie pin. Uses fabric scraps, spare buttons and these will cost you less than $1 for the felt and pin/clip backing.