Thursday, June 3, 2010

Come Back to Me!

Ya'll, I fell madly in love with this dress in early March. I splurged and ordered it as my Easter dress and for my garden party this July. It came in, I was super excited and then I tried it on and it was too big. That is exciting, but not when you've ordered a dress online. So, I filled out the form to have one size smaller sent to me. After waiting 2 weeks, I called Nordstrom's only to discover the size I needed was on back order and wouldn't be available to ship until the Friday one week prior to Easter. That was just too close for comfort, so I cancelled the order and decided to look for another dress. I didn't find another dress I liked, so I didn't buy anything new for Easter. I have ooh and aahed over this dress since, but they always had other sizes pop up as available or would say the item is currently unavailable. I literally have looked at it daily for 2 months. Yesterday I decided to clean up my favorites and went to delete the dress that would never be. Well lo and behold, they had my size! I ordered that puppy within 2 minutes.
Cross your fingers that it fits or is close enough I can have it altered! Momma has a garden party to attend!