Thursday, June 10, 2010

For the Love of White

I have been married almost 11 years. We didn't register for fancy china because it didn't fit our lifestyle or the size of our wedding. We opted for basic dishes from JC Penney that got chipped and broken and have since been replaced with solid white dishes that I just love.

I love bright colors and things to match to the last little detail and just couldn't find dishes I liked that I thought would look fresh in the spring and warm in the fall. That would last me 10 more years of Christmas dinners. I bought these basic white dishes from Pottery Barn and I have all more fun with accessories- serving pieces, placemats, table runners, glasses, napkins, ribbon, centerpieces, you name it! I have found white dishes are easy to add to- these platters are low cost from World Market. Target also has great inexpensive serving pieces in solid white. I own circles, squares, rectangles, ovals and more! I recently saw on another blog that you can stamp onto your white dishes!
She writes:
You wouldn't want anyone making you eat regular ink without knowing right?! First you will need a couple of supplies. An un-inked stamp pad and gel food color and any rubber stamp that hasn't touched regular ink - Again, food safe! Start by soaking the pad with the food color. You don't need to use all the food color, but just make sure you are completely soaking the pad. I usually use a table knife to spread the color all around. You're now ready to go. Ok, here comes the tricky part. Put on your patient pants because this can be trying at times. When stamping make sure to stamp STRAIGHT down and back up again. Since plates are much slicker than paper, it has a tendency to smudge. When this happens I just wipe off the plate with a damp paper towel, dry it and try again. And in some cases, again and again. Stick with it because once you're all done you'll really get a great party detail. I always get compliments on this project. Once I did an old pram stroller stamp for a baby shower I was hosting and one of the guests asked me "where in the world did you find baby stroller plates?" She had no idea they were temporary images. Once food, especially wet food, touches the image it will begin to smear.

Another great thing about white dishes- you can really decorate with them. They can look clean and modern.
Or French Country chic!
I hope you enjoyed checking out my china pattern- thanks for stopping by!